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Nocturnal Animals
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Very stylish but completely hollow film. An artist married to a successful and handsome man is undergoing marital issues. She receives a novel written by her ex-husband who she has not seen for almost 20 years after she left him when he was an aspiring but not overly promising writer.
As the relationship with her husband deteriorates and she reads the novel that her ex had dedicated to her she remembers more and more of their relationship and the love they shared. As the violent story of the novel unfolds, so do the flashbacks and memories of the protagonist.

From the first shots of this film I thought that this was going to be very pretentious. Sadly, I was not wrong. This is a triumph of style over substance. What I found particularly ironic is how the heroine was so afraid to end up as her mother as if that would be the most terrible thing self-righteously thinking herself to be this great virtuous person. In reality, however, she turned out to be a complete monster with no values or empathy whatsoever.
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