What to Expect Film Interview
What to Expect Film Interview

Rodrigo Santoro

I think there was something particular about him that I really enjoyed, which was that he was always very open to hear what you had improvised or whatever, but he knew exactly what he wanted. So you could go left and he'd be like, 'No, no, no, I want this' but he would let you – he would set you free to whatever and I thought it was very interesting so he could capture fresh stuff and at the same time he knew exactly what he wanted and how to drive it.
Cameron, I suppose in the prep for this, you had to really bulk up.

Cameron Diaz

Personally, if I was having a child, I would think that I would want to be the strongest I’ve ever been in my life if I was going to be squeezing a baby through my body. If I was going to be carrying it around, then afterwards having sleepless nights – I would just want to be sort of in the best shape of my life if I was giving birth, because I just think that it’s that the hardest thing you could ever do or ask your body to do so I would never even consider that. For this, we were in Atlanta. My favourite food is fried chicken. Atlanta is the home of fried chicken. So we indulged in a lot of fried chicken. But I was also working out a lot too.
You’ve already been asked about children in your own life - do you get fed up being asked the ‘Why you don’t have children?’ question and does it frustrate you that men don’t get asked the same thing?

Cameron Diaz

You know I think it’s a funny thing in our culture, in our society to ask women – especially women my age, I think that what this movie really illustrates is that when you have a child it changes your life. In our society we think that we’re supposed to have children, a lot of people just have kids because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do. They have kids and then they find out, ‘Wow it really changes your life!’ And for me, I always knew that it changed your life, and I really have enjoyed my life, I’ve really enjoyed living it the way that I’ve lived it, and I haven’t wanted to change it from that. So that’s why I haven’t had children.

So basically I’ve never really lived in the box that everyone kind of wants you to fit inside of. And I think that that’s why people ask that question is, because they want to know – they’re sort of uncomfortable with you being outside the box because that means that they’ve put themselves inside of it. And they want to know, ‘Why aren’t you in here?’ It makes them feel uncomfortable where they’re at. I kind of just put it back on them, we all live differently and I choose to live this way.
So does it frustrate you that men don’t get asked that?

Cameron Diaz

Oh, I don’t care. I mean men and women are different, we already know that. It doesn’t frustrate me but I do find it interesting, that they don’t. But we all know they ask that question of a woman my age because they’re like ‘Your clock is ticking, your eggs are going to be bad.’ But also what this movie illustrates is that you can have a family any way you want to. You don’t have to have a family only by having your own child.

There’s plenty of children out there in the world that need to be loved. Someone may be able to give birth to a child but they may not be able to give love to a child. I know that I can give love to a child at any time even if I can’t give birth to one.
We know that Cheryl Cole really enjoyed her time on set.

Cameron Diaz

We had a blast with her.
How did you get along with her and how did you think her acting skills were?

Cameron Diaz

Well I think she did a great job, playing herself. So, awesome actress. But she was a lot of fun, I mean she brought such great energy to the set and she ad-libbed a lot of fun stuff. She was totally calm, cool and like as if that’s what she does. I think she was wonderful and we had a really great time with her. And yes, I understood everything she said.
Matthew, obviously you’re known best for your role as Mr Schuester in Glee. Do you think that people will see you as an actor outside of that role?

Matthew Morrison

I know they won’t. No, I hope so. I mean – I’m not going to lie, this character wasn’t like a crazy stretch or anything. I’d love to do more stuff that would push me as an actor. But I love doing films, the fact that there is a beginning, a middle and an end, you have one script and you see this is where my character starts, this is where my character ends up. Television is kind of open-ended, you don’t know where your character’s doing to end up. I really love the process of doing a film and I hope to do a lot more.
For Matthew and Cameron again, can you talk about the dance routine you did in the beginning. How tough was that?

Cameron Diaz

He’s a professional. He’s danced and sung on Broadway. So I just followed what he did. I just let him be the boss, and it was amazing. It was like dancing with, I imagine, Gene Kelly. He’s just so smooth it’s like he’s on rollers, you know? It’s just amazing.

Matthew Morrison

Yeah I did, actually. For me, it was great. It was interesting because I learned to dance in Los Angeles, she learned in Atlanta. And we had about four hours to actually come together, and learn it together. So that was a little challenging. The funniest part for me was – there’s this move where she wraps her legs around me and I had to spin her around. And I was like, ‘Cameron hold on tight, I don’t want to lose you or anything’. But I couldn’t breathe! Her legs are so strong!

Cameron Diaz

Snap you in half!
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