Duncan Jones Interview
Duncan Jones Interview
Oh God, that's going even further than I'd thought, but yes ...

Duncan Jones

Well, there's the one inside the incubator who Goodwin is looking after, who's never been sent on a mission because the train never blew up and there's the one who now inhabits the body of Sean Fentris. Sean Fentris is dead, because Colter is now in his body. So basically, although it's a happy ending, Colter Stevens has had to kill someone else in order to have that happy ending.
How does Sean die though and where does Sean go when Colter leaps into his body?

Duncan Jones

[Laughs] Consider it as being like having a glass of orange juice and a glass of water and you pour the orange juice in the water. The water's out of the body. There is no Sean Fentris anymore. There is only Colter Stevens in Sean Fentris' body. Sean Fentris is dead.
So in Quantum Leap, obviously, the people Sam leaped into leaped into Sam's body in the quantum leap accelerator, so if you followed that, then Sean would be trapped in Colter's body in the box.

Duncan Jones

No, no, no, it's different. What happens is – and the clues are all there, everything's set up – when Colter is on the train, he's stopped the bomb, everything's gone great, he sends an email to Goodwin. Obviously he can't send an email to a Goodwin in a different reality – he's sending an email to the Goodwin in his reality and that's the reality where there is a Colter Stevens who has never been sent on a mission.
I love that you've thought all of this out and you've got this answer and you didn't just go [shrugs], “Fucked if I know ...”

Duncan Jones

[Laughs] It needs a diagram, is what it needs. So if anyone asks you if the ending makes sense, it bloody well does but you have to pay some serious attention!
I didn't pay close enough attention to the shot in the Bean at the end –is that Sean's face at the end?

Duncan Jones

It is Sean's face, yes. So it's not like a crazy revelation, but it is just a nice reminder to everyone that it is now Colter Stevens in the body of Sean Fentris.
Poor old Sean. One minute he's happily getting the train in that reality, the next minute he's bounced out by Colter and dies!

Duncan Jones

Yeah, it's not fair! Which is why it makes me chuckle. It makes me chuckle when I read the reviews – they've all been pretty good, the reviews, but there are occasional reviews where they say, [disgruntled voice] 'Well, we didn't like the happy ending that was stuck on the end,' because to me, that's not a happy ending! If you wanted a happy ending, it would have been Christina and Sean disappear off into the sunset and then the credits roll.
If anyone asks you if the ending makes sense, it bloody well does but you have to pay some serious attention...
You did a similar thing with Moon, didn't you, where the ending could be read in a happy way and also in an utterly depressing way.

Duncan Jones

Yeah! [Laughs] Absolutely.
What's your next project?

Duncan Jones

Well, I'm writing what I'm hoping is going to be my next project. It is another science-fiction film. But Source Code has been doing very well both in the US and the UK and I know that it is my responsibility to at least take some meetings, because I know that there's been some calls going through to my agents, there's obviously been some rumours out there about things that might happen. I'm going to go and talk to my producer and we're going to work out what we're going to do next but my gut is to make my film because that has been the long-term plan. To get to a point where I can make the science-fiction film I want at the budget I want to make it at.
Can you give any indication as to what that might be or do you not want to jinx it?

Duncan Jones

I don't want to give too much away. Just wait – it'll be worth the wait!
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